Episode 122 – Jeremy Umansky – Larder Delicatessen

Episode 122 – Jeremy Umansky – Larder Delicatessen
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Dan and Brian sat down with the co-founder and co-owner of Larder Delicatessen, Jeremy Umansky. Larder is a unique concept here in Cleveland. They start everything from scratch and source their food locally. They make a gefiltefish from lake fish, not ocean fish. Most of their foods are fermented, in-house. So what are they? A really high-quality delicatessen. Try a sandwich, grab a side of one of their fabulous salads, and enjoy their patio seating on West 29th street.

The conversation covers some really interesting topics, like foraging for wild food, what it means to be truly local and the decisions that it forces, and the difference between pastrami and corned beef. We also chatted about a bread they have called chocolate bobka. If you’ve never had it, go buy it; your life will be changed… forever. Seriously.

Okay, we’ve got a live¬†show coming up this week, as well. We’re sitting down with the two Brians from Il Rione at Il Rione! Want to find out more about them before the show? Listen to our first interview with them!




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