Episode 71 – George Kantzios – Astoria Cafe & Market

Episode 71 – George Kantzios – Astoria Cafe & Market
The CLEcast

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Dan & Brian had the chance to sit down with a Cleveland food legend, George Kantzios. George and his business partner and in-law, Steve Daniels, are the proprietors of the very wonderful, very delicious, and absolutely beautiful Astoria Cafe & Market on Detroit Ave. We talk about how George ended up in the restaurant business, kind of by accident; how his prior experience at the West Side Market influences him still today; and how Steve and him are raising the bar on Cleveland eating.

Also, and really before George, we have Rachel and Kaela from IRTF on to talk about their Latin Dance Gala coming up on March 18th!

Remember the live show isĀ Monday 3/6 @ Porco!

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