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Episode 72 – Live Show with CIFF’s Patrick, Debby, and Bill

Dan & Brian schlepped their equipment from the confines of the Jimmy DiMora Center for Excellence in Podcasting over to […]

Episode 71 – George Kantzios – Astoria Cafe & Market

Dan & Brian had the chance to sit down with a Cleveland food legend, George Kantzios. George and his business […]

Episode 70 – Jack & Evan – Thrive@Work

Welcome back to Kelly Novak, past guest, and now guest host! Brian & Kelly had a chance to sit down […]

Episode 69 – John McMicken – Evergreen Cooperatives

Dan and Brian had the opportunity to sit down with John McMicken of Evergreen Cooperatives. Evergreen is a non-profit business […]

Episode 68 – Greg Schuck – The Basketeria

Dan and Brian had the chance to sit down with Greg Schuck and his partner in crime and life, Rosemary, […]

Episode 67 – Live Show with Sam McNulty

Dan & Brian crawled out of the Jimmy DiMora Center for Excellence in Podcasting to head over to the Market […]

Episode 66 – Pam McKee – NARAL and NOW

Alex & Brian sit down with Certified Bad Ass Pam McKee. Pam works as Development Director for NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio […]

Episode 65 – Blue Arrow Records

Dan & Brian sit down with Pete Gulyas and Sarah Isenhart of Blue Arrow Records, an independent record label and […]

Episode 64 – Taylor Henschel & Jim Forrest – Stonewall Sports Cleveland

Dan & Brian sat down with Jim Forrest & Taylor Henschel of Stonewall Sports Cleveland. ¬†We talked about building community […]

Episode 63 – Hostful Holiday Show

Dan & Brian sit down and talk about the holidays, the year in whole, holiday markets, brunch, and some other […]

Episode 62 – Kerry McCormack – Ward 3 City Councilperson

Alex & Brian sit down with Kerry McCormack, Councilman for Cleveland’s Ward 3. The ward covers Ohio City, Tremont, Downtown, […]

Episode 61 – Kirby Broadnax – Western Reserve Land Conservancy

Join Brian & Alex as we sit down with Kirby Broadnax, the Saint Luke’s Fellow for Place Making at the […]

Episode 60 – Live Show with Cleveland Bagel Company

Dan & Brian sit down with Dan Herbst and Alan Glazen of the Cleveland Bagel Company. We talk about bagels, […]

Episode 59 – Don Wismer – Dare2Care

Dan & Brian sit down with Don Wismer, Co-Executive Director of Dare2Care. Dare2Care helps schools facilitate peer to peer anti […]

Episode 58 – Brian Moss & Brian Holleran – Il Rione Pizza

Brian & Dan sit down with Brian & Brian who are in the midst of opening Il Rione Pizza in […]