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Episode 27 – Ariel Clayton – Classical Revolution Cleveland

Dan & Brian have a chat with Ariel Clayton, Director of Classical Revolution Cleveland. Classical Revolution helps bring classical music out […]

Episode 26 – Live Show @ Porco – Stefan Was

Dan, Brian, and about 20 some people sat down and listened to Stefan Was tell us all about the history […]

Episode 25 – Joseph Giuliano – Downtown Cleveland Residents Association

Join Dan & Brian as they sit down and talk with President of the Downtown Cleveland Residents’ Association (DCRA), Joseph […]

Episode 24 – Snow Storm Hostful!

A blizzard on the east side prevented our guests from making it for recording, so Brian & Dan sat down […]

Episode 23 – R A Washington – Guide to Kulchur

Dan & Brian sit down with R A Washington: author, publisher, and proprietor of Guide to Kulchur (GTK).  GTK acts as […]

Episode 22 – Steve Warner – New Heights in Learning

Please ignore our inability, once again, to count. This is in fact episode number 22, not 23. We’ll figure this […]

Episode 21 – Jennie Doran – Room Service

Cover photo courtesy of Daniel Lozada Dan & Brian sit down with Jennie Doran of Room Service on West 25th […]

Episode 20 – Amber Pompeii & Mike George – Cleveland Tea Revival

Dan & Brian sit down with Amber Pompeii and Mike George for a wonderful 2nd interview.  We did it once […]

Episode 19 – Kaitlin Juarez – Toy Making Mad Genius

Brian & Jon sit down with Kaitlin Juarez of MadKnits.  Please excuse the audio quality of the intro and outro, […]

Episode 18 – George Dunne – Comedian, Some Say

Join us as we sit down and talk with George Dunne, who may be a champion maker outer or perchance […]

Episode 17 – Dean Rufus

Dan & Brian sit down with Cleveland legend Dean Rufus of The Dean Rufus House of Fun. We talk about […]

Episode 16 – Hostful!

Sorry it’s been a bit. We had some technical difficulty and scheduling issues. But fear not! Dan & Brian are […]

Episode 15 – Zoe Lapin – Trans Community Activist & Organizer

In this episode Dan & Brian can’t count and call it Episode 14. We sit down with Zoe Lapin, community […]

Episode 14 – Terry Kilbane, Brandon Wolfe, Donnie Harbert – The Cleveland Crusaders Rugby Football Club

John & Brian sit down with Terry, Brandon, & Donnie of the Cleveland Crusaders Rugby Football Club.  Listen as Brian […]

Episode 13 – Schuyler White – Ohio Burn Unit

Dan & Brian sit down with 10 time world record holder Schuyler White of Ohio Burn Unit.  Schuyler specializes is […]