Episode 121 – Neighborfulish

Episode 121 – Neighborfulish
The CLEcast

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Dan & Brian got all the equipment set up only to discover that they hadn’t booked a guest for the show! We decided to chew the fat and talk about things going on around Cleveland. Our buddy Tim showed up about 10 minutes into recording and he promptly joined the conversation as our ad hoc guest. Thanks, Tim!

Don’t worry, we actually have a guest lined up next week, promise!


    • Dave on May 19, 2018 at 8:27 am


    No quixotic guest, excessive juvenile humor, tales of bourgeois consumption, foul puns: This fantastic episode rivals the interview with Three Stooges Co-Star Carol Heiss Jenkins. Will listen again. 11/10

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    Hi, Guys. I am a friend of your podcast, and I love it that you put Tim on it, of course!. My comment today: I think there is surely a market for the Krueger-Harrington Bridge Stories Consulting and Storytelling, Inc. to present at civil engineering, architecture, urban planning, and sundry bridge-making conventions. Think how many bridges there are in the U.S., and, in fact, the world, and each one has a story! You should do it!

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    Whoops, that was me, Tim’s mom.

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