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Episode 86 – Hostful!

Dan & Brian had the chance to sit down, across from each other, look longingly into each other’s eyes and […]

Episode 85 – Dr. Michael Lederman – Cleveland AIDS Clinical Trials Unit

Dan & Brian packed up the CLECast-mobile and hauled their gear all the way to the Jolly Scholar on the […]

Episode 84 – Part 2 – Councilman Matt Zone

In the first part two of an episode: the second half of the interview with Cleveland’s Ward 15 Councilman Matt […]

Episode 84 – Part 1 – Councilman Matt Zone

First thing’s first, Dan & Brian are bad at counting.  This episode we got to sit down with Cleveland’s Ward […]

Episode 83 – Deltrece Daniels – Bike Cleveland

In this episode Brian and new guest host Caleb have a chance to sit down with Deltrece Daniels of Bike […]

Episode 82 – Ken Schneck Live @ Bounce

Daniel and Brian had a chance to sit down with Ken Shcneck, again! This time, again, in front of a […]

Episode 81 – Hostful!

Welp! We joked about not doing a hostful in a while on the last episode, now we have one. We […]

Episode 80 – Shana and Chauna – Black Girl in the CLE Blog

Dan & Brian have the chance to sit down with Shana Black and Chauna Whitlow of Black Girl in the […]

Episode 79 – Live with David Huffman at JukeBox – Cleveland Cinemas

Alex & Brian sat down on the patio of JukeBox with David Huffman of Cleveland Cinemas. It was a super […]

Episode 78 – Patrick Kearns – Refugee Response

Brian and Kelly had a chance to sit down with Patrick Kearns of Refugee Response. We talk about his work […]

Episode 77 – #CIFF41 Live Show!

Dan & Brian moved to the Tower City Center Extension of the Jimmy Dimora Center for Excellence in Podcasting, the […]

Episode 76 – Akshai Singh and Alex Baca – Clevelanders for Public Transit

Dan & Brian had the chance to sit down with Akshai Singh and Alex Baca of Clevelanders for Public Transit […]

Episode 75 – Laura Wimbels – Faces of Cleveland

Dan & Brian had the chance to sit down with Laura Wimbels, photographer and author of Faces of Cleveland. Laura talks […]

Episode 74 – Breaking Our Silence

This is a very special episode of the CLECast. Past guests Pam McKee and Nancy Starner along with many other […]

Episode 73 – Noelle Celeste – Edible Cleveland

Dan & Brian had the chance to sit down with Noelle Celeste – founder, editor, publisher, delivery driver (retired), sales […]

Episode 72 – Live Show with CIFF’s Patrick, Debby, and Bill

Dan & Brian schlepped their equipment from the confines of the Jimmy DiMora Center for Excellence in Podcasting over to […]

Episode 71 – George Kantzios – Astoria Cafe & Market

Dan & Brian had the chance to sit down with a Cleveland food legend, George Kantzios. George and his business […]

Episode 70 – Jack & Evan – Thrive@Work

Welcome back to Kelly Novak, past guest, and now guest host! Brian & Kelly had a chance to sit down […]

Episode 69 – John McMicken – Evergreen Cooperatives

Dan and Brian had the opportunity to sit down with John McMicken of Evergreen Cooperatives. Evergreen is a non-profit business […]

Episode 68 – Greg Schuck – The Basketeria

Dan and Brian had the chance to sit down with Greg Schuck and his partner in crime and life, Rosemary, […]

Episode 67 – Live Show with Sam McNulty

Dan & Brian crawled out of the Jimmy DiMora Center for Excellence in Podcasting to head over to the Market […]

Episode 66 – Pam McKee – NARAL and NOW

Alex & Brian sit down with Certified Bad Ass Pam McKee. Pam works as Development Director for NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio […]

Episode 65 – Blue Arrow Records

Dan & Brian sit down with Pete Gulyas and Sarah Isenhart of Blue Arrow Records, an independent record label and […]

Episode 64 – Taylor Henschel & Jim Forrest – Stonewall Sports Cleveland

Dan & Brian sat down with Jim Forrest & Taylor Henschel of Stonewall Sports Cleveland.  We talked about building community […]

Episode 63 – Hostful Holiday Show

Dan & Brian sit down and talk about the holidays, the year in whole, holiday markets, brunch, and some other […]

Episode 62 – Kerry McCormack – Ward 3 City Councilperson

Alex & Brian sit down with Kerry McCormack, Councilman for Cleveland’s Ward 3. The ward covers Ohio City, Tremont, Downtown, […]

Episode 61 – Kirby Broadnax – Western Reserve Land Conservancy

Join Brian & Alex as we sit down with Kirby Broadnax, the Saint Luke’s Fellow for Place Making at the […]

Episode 60 – Live Show with Cleveland Bagel Company

Dan & Brian sit down with Dan Herbst and Alan Glazen of the Cleveland Bagel Company. We talk about bagels, […]

Episode 59 – Don Wismer – Dare2Care

Dan & Brian sit down with Don Wismer, Co-Executive Director of Dare2Care. Dare2Care helps schools facilitate peer to peer anti […]

Episode 58 – Brian Moss & Brian Holleran – Il Rioni Pizza

Brian & Dan sit down with Brian & Brian who are in the midst of opening Il Rioni Pizza in […]

Episode 57 – Adam Jaenke – Battered Feet Phtography

Dan & Brian sit down with Ruby’s Dad, Adam Jaenke. He’s the owner of Battered Feet Photography, too. We talk […]

Episode 56 – Rep. Nickie Antonio – Ohio General Assembly

Join us as we sit down with Ohio House District 13 Representative Nickie Antonio.  She talks about her journey from […]

Episode 55 – Jacob Nash – Trans Rights Organizer

Dan & Brian had the chance to sit down with Jacob Nash, an invaluable asset to our community. Jacob is […]

Episode 54 – Barbara Singer – Executive Core

Join Dan & Brian as they sit down with Barbara Singer, CEO of Executive Core. From finding top talent for leadership […]

Episode 53 – Douglas Trattner – Scene Magazine – Night Market Live Show

Join Dan & Brian at the Night Market Live… on MP3! We sat and stood with the amazing and wonderful […]

Episode 52 – Elizabeth Bonham – American Civil Liberties Union

Brian sat down with Elizabeth Bonham, staff attorney for the ACLU here in Cleveland Ohio. We talked about some amazing […]

Episode 51 – Joe Cimperman – Global Cleveland

This is a special episode. We actually have two separate interviews! First up are Caleb Paul and Adam Reifsnyder talking […]

Episode 50 – Patty Marvel – WRUW’s the Spandex Years

Dan & Brian sit down with long time Cleveland radio personality Patty Marvel and talk about all sorts of stuff […]

Episode 49 – Kris Wernowsky – Editor, Stand Up, and Podcaster

On this episode Dan has been replaced by Alex Budin of JukeBox, and we sit down with Kris Wernowsky. Kris […]

Episode 48 – Ken Schneck – This show is so gay! Live @ Porco

We were live at Porco for this! Take a listen to Dan & Brian talking with Ken Schneck: Professor, Podcaster, […]

Episode 47 – Mario Clopton – Cleveland Community Police Commission

Dan & Brian sit down with Mario Clopton, co-chair of the Cleveland Community Police Commission. We talk about why there […]

Episode 46 – Greg Coleridge – Move to Amend

Dan & Brian sit down with Greg Coleridge of Move to Amend. Greg’s group is part of a nationwide movement […]

Episode 45 – Kate Sopko – The Fixers

Join us as we have a great chat with Kate Sopko about her project: The Fixers. The Fixers is an […]

Episode 44 – Mark Raymond & Trey Kirchoff – Passengers

Dan & Brian sit down with Mark Raymond & Trey Kirchoff. Mark is our first repeat guest! They’ve opened Passengers […]

Episode 43 – Hostful!

Here’s a quick hostful. Dan & Brian talk about the impending RNC, Edgewater Live, and a couple other things. See […]

Episode 42 – Live Show With Zachariah Durr @ Porco

That was an amazing live experience, each one keeps getting bigger and better! Thanks to Zachariah for coming out, Stefan […]

Episode 41 – David Sabol & Jill Grunenwald – Told Cleveland

Come listen to our interview with David & Jill, co-organizers of Told Cleveland – a storytelling project.  We thoroughly enjoyed […]

Episode 40 – Brendan & Josh – Night Market Cleveland

Join Brian & Dan as they sit down with Brendan Trewella and Josh Maxwell co-coordinators of Night Market Cleveland. It’s […]

Episode 39 – Gabi Mirelez – Sweetlime Alterations

Dan & Brian sit down with Gabi Mirelez of Sweetlime Alterations. Gabi focuses on genderqueer, transgender, and gender non-conforming alterations. […]

Episode 38 – Nancy Starner – Preterm

In this episode Alex Budin of Jukebox sits in for Dan. Thank you Alex! Our guest is Nancy Starner of Preterm. […]

Episode 37 – Sam Bridgeman – Live Show @ The Side Quest

Listen to Dan & Brian interview Sam Bridgeman, founder, owner and all around great guy at The Side Quest. We […]

Episode 36 – Humble G Tha Fiddla

Dan & Brian sit down with Humble G The Fiddla and M.I.C. Beats. We talk about music, intention, and messaging. […]

Episode 35 – A Hostful

Our guest this week fell ill. We’ll reschedule that interview for later this summer. So you get Dan & Brian […]

Episode 34 – Kelly Novak – Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio

In this episode of the CLECast, Brian & Dan sit down with Kelly Novak, Director of Education & Outreach, Planned […]

Episode 33 – Jae Kristoff and Michael James – Cleveland Lottery League – LIVE SHOW

That’s the longest title we’ve ever done! Dan & Brian sit down with Jae & Michael, founders of the Cleveland […]

Episode 32 – Patrick Shepherd – Cleveland International Film Festival

Join Dan & Brian as they sit down and interview Patrick Shepherd, Assistant Director of the Cleveland International Film Festival. […]

Episode 31 – Austin Boxler – Detroit Shoreway

Join Dan & Brian as they sit down with Austin Boxler of Detroit Shoreway Development Corporation.

Episode 30 – Heidi Yanok – Flats East Bank

Join Dan & Brian as they sit down with Flats East Bank Marketing Director Heidi Yanok. We talk about the […]

Episode 29 – Ryan Zymler – LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland

Join us as we sit down with Ryan Zymler of the LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland.  Ryan tells us […]

Episode 28 – Jeanette Sangston and Lauren Zak – Sofar Sounds Cleveland

Dan & Brian sit down with Jeanette Sangston & Lauren Zak of Sofar Sounds Cleveland.  They put on some amazing […]

Episode 27 – Ariel Clayton – Classical Revolution Cleveland

Dan & Brian have a chat with Ariel Clayton, Director of Classical Revolution Cleveland. Classical Revolution helps bring classical music out […]

Episode 26 – Live Show @ Porco – Stefan Was

Dan, Brian, and about 20 some people sat down and listened to Stefan Was tell us all about the history […]

Episode 25 – Joseph Giuliano – Downtown Cleveland Residents Association

Join Dan & Brian as they sit down and talk with President of the Downtown Cleveland Residents’ Association (DCRA), Joseph […]

Episode 24 – Snow Storm Hostful!

A blizzard on the east side prevented our guests from making it for recording, so Brian & Dan sat down […]

Episode 23 – R A Washington – Guide to Kulchur

Dan & Brian sit down with R A Washington: author, publisher, and proprietor of Guide to Kulchur (GTK).  GTK acts as […]

Episode 22 – Steve Warner – New Heights in Learning

Please ignore our inability, once again, to count. This is in fact episode number 22, not 23. We’ll figure this […]

Episode 21 – Jennie Doran – Room Service

Cover photo courtesy of Daniel Lozada Dan & Brian sit down with Jennie Doran of Room Service on West 25th […]

Episode 20 – Amber Pompeii & Mike George – Cleveland Tea Revival

Dan & Brian sit down with Amber Pompeii and Mike George for a wonderful 2nd interview.  We did it once […]

Episode 19 – Kaitlin Juarez – Toy Making Mad Genius

Brian & Jon sit down with Kaitlin Juarez of MadKnits.  Please excuse the audio quality of the intro and outro, […]

Episode 18 – George Dunne – Comedian, Some Say

Join us as we sit down and talk with George Dunne, who may be a champion maker outer or perchance […]

Episode 17 – Dean Rufus

Dan & Brian sit down with Cleveland legend Dean Rufus of The Dean Rufus House of Fun. We talk about […]

Episode 16 – Hostful!

Sorry it’s been a bit. We had some technical difficulty and scheduling issues. But fear not! Dan & Brian are […]

Episode 15 – Zoe Lapin – Trans Community Activist & Organizer

In this episode Dan & Brian can’t count and call it Episode 14. We sit down with Zoe Lapin, community […]

Episode 14 – Terry Kilbane, Brandon Wolfe, Donnie Harbert – The Cleveland Crusaders Rugby Football Club

John & Brian sit down with Terry, Brandon, & Donnie of the Cleveland Crusaders Rugby Football Club.  Listen as Brian […]

Episode 13 – Schuyler White – Ohio Burn Unit

Dan & Brian sit down with 10 time world record holder Schuyler White of Ohio Burn Unit.  Schuyler specializes is […]

Episode 12 – Erika Durham – Canopy

Dan & Brian sit down with Erika Durham of Canopy on Lorain Ave.  Canopy is a multi-layered art venue, work […]

Episode 11 – Chrissy Stonebraker Martinez – Inter Religious Task Force

Join Brian & Dan as they sit down with Chrissy Stonebreaker Martinez of the Inter Religious Task Force on Central […]

Episode 10 – Clark Pope – Pope’s Kitchen

John & Brian sit down with Clark Pope of Pope’s Kitchen.  We talk about his journey from teacher to caterer […]

Episode 9 – Jesse Mason and Helen Qin – Mason’s Creamery

Ice cream! The CLECast sits down with Jesse Mason and Helen Qin of Mason’s Creamery.  We talk about Jesse’s journey […]

Episode 8 – Alex Budin – Jukebox

This is episode 9. It’s episode 8. Dan & Brian are certain about that now.  Anyway, we sat down with […]

Episode 7 – Mark Raymond – The Cleveland Hostel

The first in a two part interview, we sit down with Mark Raymond of The Cleveland Hostel.  .Also in the […]

Episode 6 – Travis & Felicia – Rooted in CLE

Dan and Brian sit down with Felicia and Travis Alley of Rooted in CLE. 

Episode 5 – Jessica Lewis – Cleveland Community Action Network

The guys have a chat with Jessica Lewis from the Cleveland Community Activist network.  A good person doing much gooder […]

Episode 4 – John Johnson, Rising Star Coffee Roasters

Brian and Dan chat with John Johnson (yes, that’s his real name) of Rising Star Coffee.  A man who knows […]

Episode 3 – Rustbelt Riders

Brian and Dan sit down with Michael Robinson and John Stone from Rust Belt Riders to discuss everything from waste […]

Episode 2 – The Brewer & The Bus Driver

This week Dan & Brian sit down to interview Assistant Brewer and Meadist Jason Kallicragas from Bottlehouse Brewing Company and Leslie Basalla from […]

Episode 1 – The Launch

This is our first episode.  You should totally listen to it. Dan and Brian talk about Lebron James’ demands to […]