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Episode 110 – Chris Knestrick – NEOCH

Dan & Brian had the chance to sit down with Chris Knestrick the Executive Director of the North East Ohio […]

Episode 108 – Live with Melt’s Matt Fish!

Dan and Brian schlepped their recording equipment all the way over to the Jim Traficant Annex of the Jimmy DiMora Center […]

Episode 106 – Matt Kuhns – Fair Districts Ohio

Download one, get two… interviews! Only on The CLECast. Dan & Brian sat down with Sunny Matthews and Ginger Bakos […]

Episode 105 – Yidiayah Box and Annemarie Grassi – Open Doors Academy

We had the chance to sit down with Annemarie Grassi, CEO of Open Doors Academy, and an Open Doors’ student, […]

Episode 104 – Holiday Hostful 2017

Dan & Brian weren’t actually planning on doing a holiday hostful this year, but the fates had other plans. As […]

Episode 103 – Irvin Moldanado

Dan & Brian had the chance to sit down with Irvin Moldanado. Normally, our guests are leaders of groups or […]

Episode 102 – Dan O’Malley – Lakewood City Council

Brian & Ethan sit down with Dan O’Malley, Ward 4 Councilman in Lakewood. We talk about his path to council, how […]

Episode 101 – Chris Alvarado – Slavic Village Development Corporation

Dan & Brian had the chance to sit down with Chris Alvarado, Executive Director of Slavic Village Development Corporation. We […]

Episode 100!

Well, we made it to 100 episodes. To celebrate this special occasion, we invited past guests Mark Raymond and Alex […]

Episode 99 – Kareem Henton – Black Lives Matter

Dan & Brian had the chance to sit down Kareem Henton of Black Lives Matter Cleveland. We had a great […]

Episode 98 – Alex Nosse – Joy Machines

Dan & Brian sat down with the wonderful Alex Nosse of Joy Machines. We talk about all think bicycles, like pedals […]

Episode 97 – Andrew Zelman – Euclid Media Group

Dan & Brian invited media magnate and mogul, Andrew Zelman, over to the Jimmy DiMora Center for Excellence in Podcasting. […]