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Episode 96 – Matt Stipe – The other guy from Banter

Dan & Brian had the chance to sit down with Matt Stipe, the other guy from Banter. Matt found us […]

Episode 95 – Councilman Brian Cummins

Brian & Dan had the chance to sit down with Brian Cummins, Ward 14 Councilman. We had talked about the […]

Episode 94 – Hostful!

Long and the short of it, we almost had a guest but Switzerland got in the way. Dan and Brian […]

Episode 93 – Mayoral Forum at Market Garden

Thanks to everyone who came out for our Mayoral Candidate Forum at Market Garden Brewery! Candidates in attendance were: Dyrone […]

Episode 92 – Will Hollingsworth – The Spotted Owl – Live @ Night Market

Dan and Brian ran into Will Hollingsworth of the Spotted Owl at Night Market. Will was lost and confused, shocked […]

Episode 91 – Chris Ronayne – University Circle, Inc.

Brian and Ethan, Dan had to work a sportsball game, sat down with Chris Ronayne. Chris is the Executive Director […]

Episode 90 – Dan Moulthrop – The City Club of Cleveland

Kelly & Brian had the chance to sit down with the CEO of the City Club of Cleveland, Dan Moulthrop. […]

Episode 89 – John Colm – WIRE-Net

Dan & Brian had the chance to sit down with John Colm, President and Chairman of WIRE-Net. WIRE-Net supports manufacturing […]

Episode 88 – Adam Dunn – Cleveland Co-Labs

Back in the comfort and confines of the Jimmy DiMora Center for Excellence in Podcasting after our latest live episode, […]

Episode 87 – Live at Banter!

Dan & Brian sat down with Adam and Tom of Banter: Beer and Wine along with a wonderful audience! We […]

Episode 86 – Hostful!

Dan & Brian had the chance to sit down, across from each other, look longingly into each other’s eyes and […]

Episode 85 – Dr. Michael Lederman – Cleveland AIDS Clinical Trials Unit

Dan & Brian packed up the CLECast-mobile and hauled their gear all the way to the Jolly Scholar on the […]

Episode 84 – Part 2 – Councilman Matt Zone

In the first part two of an episode: the second half of the interview with Cleveland’s Ward 15 Councilman Matt […]

Episode 84 – Part 1 – Councilman Matt Zone

First thing’s first, Dan & Brian are bad at counting. ┬áThis episode we got to sit down with Cleveland’s Ward […]

Episode 83 – Deltrece Daniels – Bike Cleveland

In this episode Brian and new guest host Caleb have a chance to sit down with Deltrece Daniels of Bike […]