125 – Cassandra Fear – Fear’s Confections

125 – Cassandra Fear – Fear’s Confections
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Dan & Brian had the chance to sit down with the amazing and wonderful Cassandra Fear of Fear’s Confections. Cassandra’s shop, located on Madison in Lakewood, specializes in nerd-based chocolate. Not that her chocolate has nerds in it, whether human or candy form, but that it’s targeted toward nerd-oriented persons. Whether you’re into Star Wars, gaming, Star Trek (the better Star based thing), Dr. Who, superheroes, D&D, or anything else dorky, nerdy, or geeky… Fear’s has a chocolate for you.¬†We chat about Cassandra’s past, her founding of the business, the growth from home kitchen to storefront, and some national notoriety she earned. We also test Cassandra’s taste in chocolate, listen for the results.

Remember, we have a live show coming up on June 26 at Terrestrial Brewing Company with Yelp! Community Manager Lauren Kotmel. See you there!

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